Our Affiliates 

At Trident Rescue LLC we believe in partnering with the best in the industry. This helps us provide the best training, combined with best-in-class rescue products. The businesses we work with are a cornerstone of Trident Rescue LLC. Stay tuned for info on our latest affiliations. Here are some of our current affiliates:

Sea Eagle
Sea Eagle's rescue boats are versatile enough to be used for dives, special ops, water rescues, and fire fighting situations. We sell our boats to national, state and overseas emergency management agencies and welcome your request for proposals to become your partner for your rescue and disaster preparedness operations.

Water Rescue Innovations
The ARM-LOC slides onto the victim’s forearm and the rescue responder or the victim pulls the yellow lanyard that deploys and locks the device into place, eliminating the need for the victim to grasp a rope. It can also help float the victim when the victim pulls the device close to his or her chest. It can be deployed in seconds and re-deployed over and over again. ARM-LOC is an easy to use, life saving device that will give police, fire and rescue responders an extra arm in saving people trapped by various water disasters. It can be used for floods, hurricanes and tsunamis as well as ice and rapid water rescues and snowmobile and boating accidents.

Sea Eagle
When the call goes out for safety, comfort, durability, and design in personal marine protective gear – we’ll take the First Watch. Because the sea’s beauty and tranquility can quickly transform into a hostile and unforgiving environment, professional seamen know that the best flotation and protective garments can’t protect you when they’re stored in a locker when they’re needed most.